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Professional Car Services Since 2011

Since 2011 Santa Fe Autotec has serviced and repaired Toyota, Lexus, Subaru, and other Asian cars and SUV’s in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Our shop is equipped with all the tools and modern technology necessary to perform all routine maintenance and major repairs. Whether you need diagnostics to analyze a check engine light, routine maintenance like an oil change, or a major repair, we have the experience and know-how that will get the repair and service done right every time.

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We’re qualified to work on every mechanical, electrical, and system component in your vehicle.

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Full-service auto repair and preventative maintenance for Toyota and Asian import automotive repairs.

Preventive Maintenance

A cost effective preventive maintenance schedule can prevent expensive repairs and provide peace of mind and safety.

Auto Repair Services for Northern NM

If you’re looking for a local Auto Repair shop you can trust, consider Santa Fe Autotec. We’ve been providing our friends and neighbors with dependable, trustworthy Toyota and Asian Auto Repair since 2011. 

Everything for Your Car

Ron Hickerson’s Santa Fe Autotec is locally owned and operated. Ron has over 25 years of experience in the industry. Ron and his crew are qualified to work on every mechanical, electrical component, and system in your vehicle.


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A Few Of Our Many Services

Steering & Suspension

Shocks and struts are some of the most important parts of your vehicle. And, these components wear out over time and can cause not only for an uncomfortable ride but also other problems with your vehicle, like worn tires.

Cooling System Maintenance

Maintaining your radiator's antifreeze helps protect your engine from overheating. All auto manufacturers recommend replacing anti-freeze at regularly scheduled intervals. Deposits can build up a cooling fluid to your engine, leading to overheating, freezing, rust, and corrosion.

Specialty ATV & UTV Service

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Car Heating & A/C

There are numerous reasons why your AC is simply not work as well as it once did We have special A/C servicing equipment that checks your vehicle’s refrigerant for leaks. Performing this service is your first line of defense in maintaining your AC system. This service helps prevent condenser or compressor failure, which can be a much more costly repair.

Engine Tune Ups

If your engine is misfiring or stalling, your vehicle probably requires routine maintenance. Commonly referred to as a ‘tune up’, most performance issues can be solved and with routine automotive tune up.

Brake Repair and Service

Keeping your vehicle’s brake system functioning properly is key to your safety as well as the safety of your passengers and the others on the road around you.

Trusted Since 2011

Our specialized technicians provide excellent service for you and your Japanese and Asian import automobiles. Rest easy knowing your car is in capable, knowledgeable, and experienced hands.

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