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Ron Hickerson – Owner

Customer Service Philosophy of Ron Hickerson

You’ll feel confident and comfortable – Ron Hickerson’s Santa Fe Autotec combines skill with integrity, giving you the best car repairand maintenance services you can get in Northern New Mexico.

Specializing in Toyota repair for your car or auto, you can trust your vehicle in our capable, knowledgeable, experienced hands. In addition to being friendly, we are able to provide excellent service for you and your car. We have the knowledge and resources to service any make or model even though our specialty is Toyota and other Asian Import Brands. You won’t see a sign on our door discriminating against your car based on model year or the amount of mileage on your vehicle.

That is not how we do business. We will accept your car and give it the care that it needs and you deserve. We want your business, not because we need it, but because we’re set on providing you with the best auto repair service and maintenance that money can buy. Call us at (505) 471-6688 and you’ll be happy you did!

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